Wednesday, August 02, 2006 

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006 

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Sunday, January 29, 2006 

Dedication level problem?

I have always had this problem. I start something(When I say I mean I not something that I do for the college exams or something that is mandatory) I go on with it full enthu for about a week or two depending on the something . And then where it goes how it disappears no one knows. And more importantly WHY it went? This happens when I try to start something out of my own interest (say a basic course of Feynman Processor or an attempt to watch a movie ).

I discussed this with one Mr.S and he said like “ U have to keep studying some course where you are part of an institution till you find out why you are studying and if you don’t find it in your job get married”. The moment the word marriage came out I skipped topics and asked him for a short term solution. He just said write a dairy key pointing to the things u try doing by yourself…..Hmmmmmm I just felt like telling you this

Monday, January 23, 2006 

Dont Preach PLEEASSSSSSE Dont.....


Oh! Bhagwan what a deadly sin have u committed? “ . These is one of the many many hallucinations a so called Cultured(at least, in India) makes. Where does he make it. Mostly when it involves classical music or something related to the Language Sanskrit. Why don’t people just understand that MUSIC is just another skill as Cricket is or Writing or for that matter any other thing that involves hard work and practice is (Mimicry, Disco dancing or any damn thing).

When a music DJ remixes a Hollywood song its skill. But when he remixes “Krishna neee begane baaaro” it’s a deadly SIN. When I sing a film song when shitting its time pass when I sing a classical song it’s a deadly sin. When I laugh at a movie singer its FUN and when the same happens to a classical singer its DEADLY SIN. Classical singers are MEN OF GOD ….. meaning men who are closer to GOD…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA . When God is INFINITE ….. who can be more closer to it than the other. Everybody is Infinitely far from INFINITE than any other person is. Infinity is just the ultimate. Everybody is equally as far from it as they are near it.

Isn’t Sanskrit just another language (just another mode of communication) like ENGLISH TAMIL AND JAPANESE. When I step on a Sidney Sheldon book they ask me to salute (as for any other book) But when the shadow of my fourth foot falls on a Sanskrit Kalidasa book, They make me utter a sloka (Something done for deadly sins).

My god ! This is Atrocious . Every body has a personal choice. And everything that involves genuine sincerity and effort is equally good. If singers are men of god Then Michael Jackson is as much a MAN of GOD. I would rather take inspiration from Skilled legends I know for sure existed rather than Mythological characters who violate the fundamental laws of the universe(which for me is objectified GOD). By laws of universe u know what I mean(Math and physics).

Hope u understand what is am trying to tell you.

Saturday, January 21, 2006 

The Dead has risen

Am back! Hoping to post regularly.
So what happened to the grey vampire all these days. Nothing! Absolutely nothing. That’s why the title reads the DEAD has risen. I was literally dead these days. Wake up, Eat, College, .Net class , Home, Sleep…..! I keep telling people don’t JUST EXIST…LIVE . And all these days I have done all but EXIST. Any way hoping to be a more happening guy in the blogging world…Will post from Monday

Sunday, October 02, 2005 

Not well...

Guys! I dont know what. I am not able to think about all the 'pissing me off' issues or any other subject that involves a bit of thinking form my mind. Other than my project. SO then i might not post this whole week......Will be reading blogs though.

Take Care

Tuesday, September 27, 2005 


It's comic days here.

This is something that may sound serious. But isn’t. Like i am normal every day. But at the nights when i get to sleep. Just before i sleep. I get weird thoughts(No ghost stuff...No lost memories). I feel somewhat. I think i have taken the 'Purpose of our existence and reason for search for happiness ' Questions too far,too personal. Like before i get to sleep., i give myself a rewind of the day and a review of it and then I suddenly get questions…. Why what how……And then this why question prevails. Then, I ask myself …. What next? And then again whatever is next? Why is that I have be that or do that…..I even start fearing whether I am losing interest in life. I get a deep sense of failure of reasoning. I get the feeling something is missing. I get the feeling some part of this concept of universe, life, me , u and everything is wrong..

Don’t worry! All these happen for the first few minutes before I sleep. Then I keep away from it….Think about cricket, computers , college (Keep oscillating so I keep me away from it)…And then Sleep!....

And then I wake up in the morning…I am excited about the day(be it sadness or happiness) I welcome life. I am just normal. That is why I told u comic days here…Any body knows which part of the piece is missing in me….


Help needed! Java programmers, Students read this:

I had finally decided to start my project for this sem(J2ee). The idea was simple. A student staff interaction site where there is going to be a chat box and a paper submission frame. So designed the login page. First in servlets...Doesn’t work...(compiles....deploys...not working).....Then now changed to JSP ....And MAN! there is no public_html folder and classes folder in my jdk1.4. So any one knows how to execute JSP files in jdk1.4 please help me. I can even send u the codes.